Commanding an empire from the constraints of an armchair is an arduous task that I have more or less acquired, not so much because i want to, but beause the world has yet to appreciate the necessity of allowing people who have realised their life goals to move on in persuit knowledge and application. But since I am trapped within the iron grasp of the schooling system I might as well look at this as a time to think whilst palming off teachers’ attempts at instilling the thoughts that doodling in the margins is a heinous crime, and a world outside of science is one fashioned out of peurile fantasy. So to cut my impassioned ramblings short, i’m just a guy who enjoys a good game and after enjoying one to many good games I got the impression that my contribution to the games industry was of the utmost importance, and i’ve spent the last few years discoving why my old ideas sucked. And from there on i’ve been trudging uphill overcoming acute procratination and school in order to actually impliment ideas with some friends who share similar views. We want to make games and we want you to be entertained.


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