We are migrating.


Or so my network savvy friend tells me.

On Saturday, the plan is to move the blog from WordPress onto a new URL that I registered a while back, and never got around to completing the website on. Because I’m a lazy bastard. The new location will most likely be the currently fictional and fantastical http://themachination.net/blog.html. Or something to that effect. Because we’re professional like that.

Anyway, expect an update tomorrow. Yep, it’s that adventure game thing that I promised from many moons ago. See, we do get around to this stuff. It just takes time, and sweet, sweet procrastination.

Anyway, to the morrow ladies and lads of the internet. Keep out of trouble, or whatever you kids are up to these days.



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2 Responses to “We are migrating.”

  1. searingscarlet Says:

    Dutifully noted. I do link your blog and all, so it would be nice to eventually get to the right URL. 8)

  2. The Machination Says:

    Wow, thanks :). I’ve linked to you as well, you write great stuff. It might just be a while before we wrangle wordpress and all of the plugins into the place, so who knows how long it will take to get us back on track with the blog, hopefully not to long. In the meanwhile, I need to re-route all of the shameless self endorsement I’ve scattered about the internet to the new URL.

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