I apologize for the lack of updates…buuuut MODS


I’m planning two essays in the coming couple of weeks, one on Machinarium and the place of adventure games in today’s gaming community, and one “When the pixels hit the fan” about the direction of game design and hardware innovation when games reach their maximum graphical potential… scary stuff right? Anyway, the reason is that I’ve still got a hell of a lot of other work to do which… hold on, I just realised that the ultimate demise of the blog is when the author apologises for lack of updates, I swear I won’t do it again!

Anyway, for something to read right now: Mods, yep, I’ve recently indulged in the sport of modding, consuming and building alike, for instance, today I downloaded the Battlefield 2 Map Editor, played around for a while and then realised it was two hours later and I really should have gotten to bed, then I started writing this blog. This recent modding, mostly involving STALKER and Fallout 3 has really exposed me to a side of gaming that I hadn’t really explored before, and it is quite life affirming. Ok, maybe that was a little dramatic, but it really is a genuinely pleasing experience to see huge communities of people who share your passion for games, sure a lot of it’s crap, but there are still people out there who devote a lot of time to making fabulous mods and maps that don’t get enough exposure, so I thought I’d do a shameless plug for a few different mods that have tickled my fancy over this experience. This is a bit of a random assortment, but they’re cool none the less.

The Nameless Mod – Deus Ex
This one really shows the passion of a small gaming community who banded together, united… ok enough heroics, basically a bunch of Deus Ex fans got together and collaborated on a project called the Nameless Mod, a standalone campaign for Deus ex that has been granted a lot of critical acclaim and proves that fans can create something trully fantastic.

STALKER Complete 2009
I nearly fell off my chair when I first stumbled upon this mod, finally, my love for STALKER could be rekindled with this fantastic compilation of the finest mods created by the dedicated STALKER community. I really do recommend this one, it has brought the game to a standard of perfection, incorporating amazing graphical overhauls with fantastic gameplay improvements that fixed up all the issues we had with the original including combat balancing, but I’m sure a full list can be found on this site. One gripe I did have however was the fact that they replaced the controllers chilling howls with the zombie sound effects from Half Life 2, if anyone has played Half Life 2 you automatically train yourself to not be frightened by the zombies lurking around the corner, and the sound effects are hilarious and completely inappropriate.

FOOK – Fallout 3
This is the Fallout Overhaul Kit for for Fallout 3, jam packed with content tailored to the RPG fan who was looking for a more complex experience from Fallout 3. Now this is one of these mods that you should really player AFTER you finished Fallout 3, preferably with Broken Steel since I believe it kind of draws away from the subtle intricacies that Bethesda worked into the game, but it is good none the less. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic mod full of new weapons, gameplay options and extras, but I think that vanilla Fallout 3 must be experienced before you play this. Enough Bureaucracy. FOOK is a mod that has retained the essentials from fallout and literally added and added, this mod is packed full of cool new weapons and gameplay modifications that make it more realistic, tactical experience, allowing the player to experience the enchanting world of Fallout 3 in an environment that would probably reflect FO3 if someone turned the realism knob up a bit. Weapons do more damage, both to your enemies and yourself making everybody considerably more dangerous, forcing the player into interesting combat situations. Weapons are now incredibly varied to the extent that even a history is provided with the weapon, alongside unique ammunition types and variations. I have yet to explore a look of FOOK, but from what I’ve seen it’s an expertly made mod, crafted by genuinely talented fans of the game. FOOK has just come out of beta and is available on the Fookunity website for download as a single .exe.

Well that’s enough from me; my eyelids are threatening to tear themselves off if I stay up any longer. If anyone knows any particularly great mods that just must be shared, feel free to comment.

Until next time, I honestly didn’t expect that I’d write a complete entry

Miles – The Machination, Creative Director


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2 Responses to “I apologize for the lack of updates…buuuut MODS”

  1. Lawrence "Trestkon" Laxdal Says:

    Thanks for the mention! Glad you enjoyed TNM :-)

  2. The Machination Says:

    Hey, I was just looking back through some old posts and I saw that you’d commented – my first response was “Holy shit, it’s one of those real life developers I’ve heard so much about!”. Thanks a bunch for the comment, and congratulations on winning ModDB’s 2009 best single player mod of the year, you guys totally earned it. :)

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