Modern Warfare 2 on the PC postponed


The release of modern Warfare 2 has been delayed for the PC, and as can be assumed this contentious issue has been met with much vitriol from the PC gaming crowd. Now from what I can see, one of three things is happening here, Activision are either trying to stem zero day piracy, work out the kinks in the game, or finish performing what PC gamers have feared, a shoddy console port.

I think that it’s pretty fair to assume that the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 will be top notch after the experience Infinity Ward gave us in its predecessor, and that they wouldn’t risk compromising that audiences attention with a version of the game that is a buggy, reworked model of something developed for the console, so this rumor can be pretty well ruled out, but I would like to divert for a moment before I return to the other possible reasons.

It would seem that IW are slowly letting the PC audience slip into obscurity since they neglected to include a special edition for the PC version of the game, and this delay has done nothing to quell the growing unrest among PC gamers who single handedly build the fame of the Call of Duty Franchise right from its earliest endeavors. This audience has outlasted the consoles that lay before it, but now it would seem that they have deemed console gamers a more profitable audience. I could be completely wrong, and they could be statistically the largest purchasing audience for special editions, but I have the slightest inclination to believe that Activision may be weaning the PC audience into a state of compliance surrounding their lowered position in the hierarchy of favour. But there’s no use speculating as to why they are doing this until we see repeated circumstances with further releases.

The second major theory surrounding this is to avoid release day piracy, if this is the case, then Activision really need to re-evaluate the situation. In tandem with console releases or not, the PC release date is going to be just as important to PC gamers regardless of when it’s released, and I don’t believe that releasing in on the same day as the console versions would have the slightest effect on this issue, if anything, piracy may rise due to impatience and the acerbic feeling of neglect, not the mention, breaking the fabled code of 11.10.9.

It is currently believed that the new release date is November the 24th.

Miles Newton – The Machination, Creative Director


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One Response to “Modern Warfare 2 on the PC postponed”

  1. Modern Warfare 2 Forums Says:

    Nice read! I cant wait till Modern Warfare 2 is released! Not long to go now :)

    Sodagod @ Modern Warfare 2 Forums

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