The Man has me in his iron grasp


Dear fellow Machinators,

Don’t panic; if you’re the one guy who reads these then you mustn’t fear, for I am not going to be leaving this humble end of the internet any time soon for its murky depth or reality… not completely any way. So it seems like The Man has once again struck a heavy blow in the form of pending maths and English assignments, and the mother of all graphics exams, so it may be a while before I grace these halls again with my witty observations and default cynicism…but before you lose all hope, my fellow Machinator in Chief has expressed interest in adding to the blog (and he’s an arguably better writer), so sit tight and know that one day we will return to rain rainbow fires and chocolate missiles down upon the land of tangible bigotry and creative stagnation.

As always,

Happy gaming and may you always patronise those who look upon your hobby as a detriment to your character.

Miles Newton – The Machination, Creative Director


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