Stride Forth Into The Unknown


Whilst travelling down to Brisbane and simultaneously listening to Dark Side of the Moon, I started thinking about what i valued in games, and apart from story I discovered that i really enjoy quality exploration. This might seem like a slightly undervalued component, but i believe when done right it can really add something to a game.

Exploration – If a game lends itself to this avenue, I believe that exploration in game environments is imperative to the immersive process because if a player is under the impression that they are in a world with indefinite boundaries, they feel as if they have the ability to explore new and interesting areas, and possibly defy the games creators

Exploration should be surprising and original, obviously is appears to be a colossal resource consumption point, but there are ways of circumventing the issue with techniques like dynamic loading screens, but that’s beside the point. Exploration is a game design fundamental that is intended to capture the imagination of the player by providing them with unknown realms that they are either forced to explore in order for the game to progress, or what I believe is a better way to approach it is to give the player the option to explore completely different, or additional components of mandatory areas. This is important in stimulating the players interest because it enables then to engage their primal urges (this might be a bit farfetched, but I was spaced out on DSotM) to defy the danger and venture forth into the unknown.

Well that’s my two cents on a mechanic which i feel is severely underappreciated and often poorly done due to the fact that the developers (or more likely the publishers) place little value upon it and believe that fine tuning the world the player is more or less imprisoned for 8 + hours is unnecessary. Well riddle me this you fine and strapping young men and woman of the industry, if you had to spend a week imprisoned in a game, would you rather spend it in an accounting office, or in the fantasmagorical world of wonderment?


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