Metal Gear Stolid


Yesterday I picked up a copy of Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots, Tactical Espio….etc etc etc and have been playing it feverently every since. The gameplay is pretty fun, simulating realistic weapons and a harsh, gritty battlefield. But within this lies the problem because unless you’ve been living under a very large, and sensible rock for the last few years, you would have realised that MGS is a stealth game, a feature that, when coupled with full on action, attacks you like a beartrap on rollerskates. You see, the feature itself is pretty effective in allowing you to stealthily manoeuvre your way around well armed and legendarily thick PMC soldiers, but the problem with this is when you are thrown face first into a pitched battle, and the soldiers act as if they are suffering from crippling cataracts, and cannot see you until you are in front of them, upon which they will summon the entire royal armada and it’s dog upon you, where upon you will be faced with waves of telepathic maniacs. Another point often bemoaned by gamers is the fact that having to press L1 to aim, triangle to go first person and R1 to shoot is clumsy and problematic, but personally i never found this to be an issue since you only need to hold down L1 and tap triangle and you are free to walk around and aim as long as you are holding down L1… But i’ll take a quick swerve before I inevitably become bogged down in details. The primary issue i would like to address here is story, and i believe a quote i heard pretty much sums up its utter redundant blather. “Someone once said that a politician can talk for hours without actually saying anything, if this is true than Hideo Kojima could run for president of the universe in an afternoon” – Yahtzee. It’s not that i find this story overtly aggravating, it’s just that it has the tendency to become so immersed in its sheer utter pretentiousness to realise that it is supposed to cleanly deliver the player through the game, not recite half of Atlas Shrugged whilst watching Ghost in the Shell.
Over all, i like Metal Gear Solid 4, it throws enough variety into the mix to keep it interesting without slowing it down with extraneous features, and while the story is what it is, i still find the cutscenes entertaining.


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