The Moon is a Harsh Mistress


Well, no, the moon has little relevance to this news but I think Time would be more appropriate. So the other day me and my chummy chum designer friend were discussing the future of our production schedule and we came to a few conclusions, some that I agreed with, others I wasn’t happy with at all, but you have to learn to kill your babies in this industry (Note The Machination does not endorse killing babies in any way shape of form, and if you haven’t realised that this was a figure of speech, please have someone escort you to your padded cell). Basically the conclusion we have reached is one that entails resuming the production of Silhouette (if you aren’t clued in on what Silhouette is, then please direct yourself here: Now after much discussion and debate the game has been significantly pruned down to suit our current situation and we hope like anything that we can forge ahead with this games production, now that we’ve essentially reformed our methods in order for our games to be more thoroughly tested in order to deliver a more polished product even if it is a minimalist approach.
As always
Happy gaming and check up some time to see what we’re up to


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