I’m torn


It seems like I’ve recently received a glut of responses from a post i made on the Australian Gamer forums as towards the hypothetical steps in order to rise for the murky depths of parroted education towards the shining golden bicep of the world that is game design…and it’s on fire…hell yeah. Sorry… well basically my debate is what to do towards this agenda, and it would seem like in order to peruse a particular avenue of the industry i.e. design (namely creative direction) you would have to shrug off all extraneous factors that are so dear to me (animation) and completely embrace a central stream of learning and experience. So to quickly wrap up before my pc screen molested eyeballs completely burn up and fall out, i would like to say that in retrospect, following multiple disciplines would generally seem like a good idea if you are working, or plan to work in a small teams, but for the industry’s sake people have generally suggested to stick to your main interest, but familiarise yourself with any outlying components…but i’m just too much of a conceited bastard to do so, is it wrong to want to hold the reigns of every little action?

In other news, me and my designer buddy are catching up to discuss level design for Run, let’s hope it holds some semblance of productivity.


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